NAD: SineWave Amps MK-100 Signature (Dumble SSS / Marshall Plexi Vibes)

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456's a very exciting "New Amp Day":

This one is a SineWave MK-100 Signature amp head, built by Chad (@Chad@LTD-Resistance) at SineWave Amplifiers. It's a 100-Watt, four 7581A tube head, and it's a fully-custom amp that Chad designed for me over the course of more than a year. What precipitated it was that I've owned some boutique Dumble Steel String Singer clones over the years, but I also found something missing with them. So the concept for this was a SSS style amp, but more refined with more flexibility and versatility. It's not a clone of any particular amp, but rather a unique circuit that Chad has worked up for the last year or so.

Features: It has two preamp gain controls that allow it to go from that super clean, high-headroom SSS thing to Marshall Plexi style grind with the gains cranked. It's got the SSS style high/low filters, but they are far more usable in this amp than in previous SSS clones I've tried. And the reverb section is incredibly versatile -- in addition to send/return control, it has an EQ/tone knob to shape the wet signal from dark to bright, so you can really dial in a wide range of reverb tones. It's also got switches on the back to adjust the local and global negative feedback.

My impressions: I've been playing it for the last couple days, and so far it's the most incredible amp I've ever played! And I've played a lot of them. It's huge sounding and incredibly punchy, chest thump for days. Incredibly high bandwidth as well, more extended highs and lows than your typical Fender/Marshall style amp. There's just a lot of tweak-ability and tones here, and it's been such an inspiring amp to play.

I'll try to put together a decent recording setup and post some clips. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out Chad's work if you're looking for a custom amp (if you're not familiar with his background, he spent many years at Two-Rock, building and designing amps before starting his own company, SineWave Amps, in 2015). He builds each amp to suit the specs and needs of each customer -- and the work is top notch. Part selection is also impressive; I believe all his builds use almost exclusively NOS parts in the preamp section. I can't say enough great things about this amp and Chad's work! (And no, I'm not being paid to say this; just an incredibly happy customer).


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