NAD-Vox Bruno TB35C1


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Got this shipped from Guitar Center right to my door yesterday. Unpacked it weighs 62.4lbs(yes i put it on my digital scale). Doesn't seem that bad to lift but I don't think i would want to lug it a far distance. It was packed pretty well and doesn't appear to be damaged.

So I plugged it in and tested it with my 60's Tribute LP with P-90's, 61 RI SG with BB1 in the neck and WCR Darkburst in the Bridge and my Highway 1 Tele with stock pup in neck and a SD Quarter Pound in the bridge. The controls on the amp are straight forward.

First thing I noticed is this amp is dark sounding. It does not get Fenderish clean. I've never played a Vox before so perhaps that is their characteristic. Its either too trebly or to bassy and has a sort of stiff sound too it as well. It seems to stay in that slight breakup zone. It did react well with my guitar's volume control. Turning it down it cleaned up decently but turn it to 10 and it drives good too.

2nd thing was tube rattle. This amp has some bad tube rattle and popping. I don't if the tube popping is cause its new or what. You can't see the tubes or even get at them without taking off the entire back panel.

When activating the bass boost it makes a loud pop.

Reverb is weird. If you turn up the Volume, not the master volume, it will increase the reverb volume as well. It doesnt work well when you engage the macho boost and crank the volume, it gets grainy and raspy sounding. The reverb sounds like its missing something natural.

The macho boost isn't bad it does boost the signal and you can get some pretty rocking sounds.

Overall I have to say I'm not terribly impressed with this amp. I think for $1,000 you could find something better. I will probably go to a Deluxe Reverb RI.


That's really too bad. I've been GASing for a TB18 ever since I saw this video.

I have a AC15C1 and you're right, the Vox clean is way different than the Fender clean. Sounds like you have a problem though, with it sounding dark and the popping and rattling going on.


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Yes I probably do have something going on with it and I don't think I care for that Vox sound.

I haven't tried the TB18 and but it looks like an interesting amp. I wonder if it sounds different than the TB35. I would try it but I already have a 15 watt Blues Jr and I need something in the 30-40watt range.


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southy, what did you get from this video. Sure, tones were nice, when I heard them, but mostly this video is this guy loving the sound of his own voice.


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I believe the differences between the TB35c1/2 and the TB18c1 are considerably more than the two extra 6V6 tubes. My understanding was that TB used a different preamp design. One thing that might be the same is the digital reverb. When I use my TB18c1 with my Zoom G5 I have the reverb off, but for straight into the amp I have it at about .5 (not 5) - It works but is not that useful above IMHO.

That said, I still really love my two TB18c1 amps and we are well past the honeymoon stage. It just might be that 18 watts of dual 6V6 warmth is all I need, but it is well executed overall. And the TB18c1 is only 40 lbs - easy to transport and still loud enough to hear over the drummer.

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