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Well, my brand new 5150III arrived today. Had the chance to play it for a few hours tonight. So far, I think it sounds great. All three channels are very usable, and once I have had more time with the amp I know will smoke. It's a lot more Marshall voiced that some of my amps have been in the past few years, so I'm having to get used to that style voicing again. I can tell that this amp is going to cut right through a band mix. :rock:

Some things that I have noticed. Channel switching is not silent kike they advertise. I have a very audible pop when I switch between the channels. Not I deal breaker, but annoying for sure. The Blue channel... Man, this channel is 99% there. I wish they had given this channel just a touch more gain. I'll have to see what OD pedal this amp will like. Channel 3 (or Red) is the ****! Talk about just mean, mean thick meaty gain!!! This channel alone was worth the amp. I'm still dialing it in, but I already know that this is going to be where I spend a lot of time on the amp. The green channel (clean) sounds really nice. It's full and with the gain up a tad, I get a really nice light breakup when I really dig in to it. More than usable for my needs.

The Loop... The loop is going to be where I have issues with this amp. It does not like my Nova System at all. I don't know if this amp was setup more to take pedals in the loop, but it seriously does not like my NS. I'm getting this washed out chorusing effect when I have the loop turned on and there's no chorus on my patches. Gonna have to play with this a bit.

Over all, I am very happy with the amp so far. I have band practice Thursday, so that will be the true test. Anyway... here's a quick iphone pic...


I was watching a Gary Hoey vid and noticed that he had changed the color of the volume knobs to better stand out. I thought that was a brilliant idea... so I did the same thing. Makes them easy to find quickly.


Very cool, keep us posted on your thoughts. One thing that might not seem that important to most is the look. I really like the look of these amps, hopefully they sound just as good.

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