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    Well almost. Just hit the button on a 1990 JCM 900 DR 50 watt head w/EL34's this morning. The guy is shipping it out today. I'll post again with a full review once the honeymoon phase is over.

    This is my second go around with a DR. I had one, a 50 watt 112 combo w/5881's the same time I had my silver jube 112 combo. I think 97-98 era. Honestly I hated the 900 then but I was too focused on the lead channel. Also never knew about the effects loop trick to add fullness/volume. Should be a different game this time. I hope.

    My intentions are to focus on the clean/crunch channel this time. Maybe some pedals, we'll see. I like to get everything mostly from the guitars, two Strats w/singles and two historic LP's w/stock custom buckers. I also play with way less gain now. I don't plan on doing any mods to it.

    I bought this to back up my JCM 900 2500. It didn't hurt that it cost $150 less than the 2500 too!

    I was shopping for one of these for several weeks now. Prices were all over the place but the ones that were priced decently were selling. I though it would be easier honestly. My buddy called me early this morning after finding this one. I was particular about it being a 50 watt head w/EL34's (I remember not liking the roundness of the 5881's last time) which narrowed my choices.

    I know this amp has a love/hate thing here but it's still a Marshall. And maybe not as so cheaply built as some of the newer stuff. But I guess that's open for debate too...?

    The one thing I learned is there are people buying these. Probably the prices?

    Anybody else walked away from this amp, revisited it and was happier the second time? I'm hoping the second time is a charm for me.

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