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Well, kind of....I actually acquired this head almost a year ago but when I got there was a lot wrong with it so it sat.

Last week I took this into my tech Steve Stoeckel and for $100 got it working 100%.

This is a Dual Showman->Twin Reverb build. It definitely started it's life as a Dual Showman and the iron and cabinet are from the same. It was described to me as a conversion but I understand they are roughly the same amp, the Twin being the combo version of the DSR. Anyway, the previous owner had a tech go through and basically rebuild the whole amp. There are a few old parts but most of the caps and resistors have been replaced with Victoria and Sprague components. I am super happy with the tones and thing runs dead quiet.

Anyway, super stoked to have this thing working. I was leaning toward a Hiwatt for the Gilmour stuff but this thing really seems to like it so I'm going to run with it for a while.

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Sick - are you putting it in a combo cab or leaving it as a head? My buddy plays a '68 showman with a 2x12 cab and it roars.


And now for something completely different!
Bet it sounds massive with the right speakers!

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