Nady TD-1 the very same thing as Tonebone Classic?

I'm being told the Nady TD-1 is the exact same pedal as the Tonebone Classic.

Is this true? If so I will get the nady due to price.

Did Nady actually sell them the schematic or did they rip Nady off?


I can't say if it's the same but it's a good pedal. Just was comparing it against my MXR Doubleshot and the Doubleshot is coming off my pedalboard.

I hear that it's the same pedal, but I've never used the Tonebone. So apparently I know no more about it than you. I like mine. Got it used off Craigslist a while back.


I have the Nady. Can't speak to the Tonebone, but it looks like the same controls.
Pros: Very tweakable eq, wide range of gain.
Cons: Large, proprietary power supply.


Compared a friends to my Tonebone Classic once
& the TD-1 just totally smoked my Radial ..

It was so much more alive.. Immediately chewy without
even tweaking it all that much ...

I was acutally jealous .. :-(
The Nady TD-1 has gone through at least one major change, it originally only had three knobs and a footswitch. It was later changed to have the same options as the ToneBone Classic. The ToneBone Classic was made for years before Radial Engineering picked up the design.


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