Name me a quality amp for ampartment/small/med clubs...power scaling, etc.?


Hi guys! Any suggestions for a quality/expensive amp for mostly apartment and small club use? I have a a diaz cd-30! So maybe a similar flavor, or different...real decisive I know! I'm open to suggestions! I use hollow and true hollow-body guitars. Thanks!


Stephenson or London Power would have power scaling.

Or you could go the low watt approach.

I've had a 15 watt EL84 amp for several years in apartments. I get complaints sometimes but rarely. You could maybe try a Matchless Lightning. Or something in the 5 watt range. Swart has some cool offerings too.

You'll definately end up using some kind of gain effect generally.

The little zvex nano would be worth trying out if you find a place that has one.

Emery Microbaby or Electrosonic too.


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Badger or Reinhardt 18 would be great choices for Marshally tones with power scaling (optional on the Reinhardt 18 but inexpensive at the time of build)...both amps have great clean tones and the overdrive is great too and just a matter of personal taste...

Kingsley Deluxe 32C...very cool: 2 EL84s and 2 6v6s (or any octal tubes without need for rebiasing)...lots of power management options...half/full power, pentode/triode modes for each type of tube (so 30 watts can be halved to 15 and in triode mode it is down to 7.5 watts)...lots of tonal eq lift switch, footswitch with variable boost/gain, bright and gain switches...obviously high build quality as is true of the Badger and Reinhardt 18 as well...given all the tube swapping options and various switches and modes, this amp can give up lots of different tones.

for tweedy sounds, the Swart line is great...the new STR Tweed 5 watter has a hi/lo gain switch and can get pretty loud for a 5 watter...the Atomic Space Tone has great cleans and overdrive...amazing tremolo and reverb and 20 watts of power...

for Voxy tones mixed with a bit of Marshall bite, the Top Hat Supreme 16 is great with its EF86 channel and the full EQ channel (with 12ax7)...great build quality and customer service (also great customer service with Suhr and Reinhardt)...only available as a head and sounds great with a Blue in whatever cab you use...

Viking Pillager, 30 watter with 2 5881s...very cool amp and very versatile...lots of tones in there...very effective master volume...half power switch available on request...

That Twister Dust Devil has me intrigued and it will likely be my next sounds great in the clips and is very reasonably priced (899 for combo) and has a variable wattage control that can bring it down below a watt (12 watts at full power)...lots of gain on tap and sounds like a great amp...

for mostly clean tones, I have been really liking the Goodsell Super El84 and switches between 2 and 7 watts and has clean/crunch modes...beautiful cleans and sounds good with a hollowbody IMHO...

lots of great amps out there!!



I highly recommend the Stephenson 30 watt combo. I have one and it does it all. Excellent lower volume tones with the power scaling all the way up to very loud clean or dirty tones (depending on the pre-amp and power scaling settings). A great choice for jazz, blues, country, roots rock or classic rock tones.


Pritchard Amps would seem to fit your requirements:

1. Multiple voices to address various playing styles.
2. A "Watts Knob" for turning down the power -- but keeping the sag and harmonic embellishments.
3. Built in reverb
4. And more...
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Reeves Custom 12 with Power Scaling. I have one. Funny - I really don't notice it doesn't have a reverb when playing out.

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