NAMM 2014: Peavey announce VYPYR Pro



Companion Sanpera Pro foot controller also unveiled

Will Groves (Total Guitar, Guitarist)2 hours ago
NAMM 2014: Peavey have announced the latest evolution of their VYPYR modeling amps. Following on from the VYPYR and VYPYR VIP ranges, the VYPYR Pro uses - count 'em - four stages of Peavey's patented TransTube analog gain. The result is claimed to be the most realistic modeled distortion yet.
It doesn't end there though. It's fair to describe this amp as feature-rich. Read on for more details...
VYPYR Pro press release

By using analog distortion, the VYPYR Pro's digital processor has the amazing ability to offer almost limitless combinations of additional stompboxes, "rack" effects, amplifiers and now even instrument models. Because of the advanced dual processor design, the VYPYR Pro can run up to four amplifier models in parallel.
Using the VYPYR Pro's unique architecture, the VYPYR is capable of designing a variety of signal path combinations. Four module bays each with their own distinct LCD can be assigned to an amplifier, effect, stompbox, or in the first position an instrument model. The modules can be assigned in any order, allowing the user the ability to create the exact rig they desire, even if they desire to run two or up to four amplifiers in parallel.
With up to 5 parameters to precisely control effects, multiple delay types and advanced features such as MSDI (microphone simulated direct interface) direct output, effects loop, and MIDI control allow the professional player to create the rig of their dreams inside a single combo amplifier.
AT-200™ integration is a key part of the VYPYR Pro design. The MIDI output allows the VYPYR Pro to communicate with Peaveyʼs revolutionary AT-200 guitar in order to change presets and tunings inside the guitar with one simple VYPYR Pro button press. Recording is a mainstay of the VYPYR Pro design. With the most advanced USB audio system in any VYPYR, the Pro is designed from the beginning for home recording.
The VYPYR Pro also features an analog speaker and microphone simulated direct out for recording as well. With over 500 presets available and more than 100 different models of effects, reverbs, delays and amplifiers, the VYPYR Pro is the most innovative and advanced modeling amplifier on the planet. Designed for the working musician by the musicians at Peavey Electronics, it is perhaps the most versatile amp ever created.
Sanpera Pro Footcontroller

The perfect companion for the VYPYR Pro, Peavey's updated Sanpera® Pro Footcontroller unlocks all the power of the VYPYR Pro. Utilizing dual expression pedals which can be assigned to the default setting (volume on left, wah on right), or to any other stomp or effects parameter, the Sanpera Pro footcontroller is also range definable! The footcontroller also features a boost switch, tap tempo, a chromatic tuner, and looper controls that allow users to generate multi-track loops.
VYPYR Pro features

  • Over 100 different amp, effect, stompbox and instrument models.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface Four selectable tone model modes with LCD
  • Real time control over Delay and Reverb
  • Real time model parameter control
  • Advanced Bi-Directional USB connector
  • On board Tap Tempo
  • Studio quality headphone out
  • Mp3/CD/Aux input
  • MIDI
  • Patented Analog TransTube™ preamp
  • 100 Watts
  • Custom voiced 12" speaker specifically designed for modeling
  • Over 500 user assignable presets
  • Multi-parameter effects control
  • Dual DSP's for processing speed and capability
  • Power Sponge™ output power adjustment
  • On board chromatic tuner
  • On board over dubbing looper (with optional Sanpera footswitch)
  • Effects loop
  • Adjustable noise gate
  • Multiple delay and reverb types. Tape delay, tube delay, modulation delay, analog delay,digital delay, plate verb, room verb, cathedral verb, hall verb, tile verb, gated verb, springverb.
  • Presence and Resonance adjustment
  • Assignable input attenuator
  • Built-in microphone simulated direct out
  • MIDI output for connecting to the AT200-B breakout box - for changing presets on theAT-200™ guitar.
NOTE: additional software required, available at
Sanpera® Pro Footcontroller Features

  • 2 expression pedals
  • Direct access to all 4 models, plus delay and reverb.
  • Boost switch
  • Tap Tempo
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Full looper controls
  • Expression pedal assignable to any parameter and is range definable
  • Self-powered via VYPYR® amplifier
  • MIDI output for connecting to the AT200-B breakout box - for changing presets on the AT-200™ guitar.


Peavey really needs to do something about that "batwing" facade.

Ha. Yeah, with the exception of the Classic 30, I've never really liked the look of how most of their combo amps looked. Which is too bad because they make some of the best affordable solid states and hybrid amps in the game.

The Vyper and the VIP (which, I assume, uses a some of the same modeling) sound pretty good. I thought about buying one as a 2nd amp, but ended up replacing my Valvetronix with a Super Champ X2. So I actually went in the opposite direction (less model, more tube). But I'm definitely a fan of Peavey.


I had an original Vypyr and it sounded really good. I also liked the way it was set up - a signal chain with stomps before and after the amp.

But the styling was embarrassing. I took the stupid batwing off it.


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Just as I'm about sold on the idea of the VIP2, this comes along....

I agree that the looks aren't great, but the sounds are THERE!


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I think this Peavey stuff is fantastic. I want to try this guy out.


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I'll admit it, I'm a Vyp fanboy. Had the Vyp75, and tube 60. I sold them both and bought the VIP3. It looks like the VIP will be up for sale before too long. I was really hoping for a 212 stereo combo but I guess you can't have everything.


My buddy recently bought a VIP3 as a practice room amp and for a B-Rig... He's a former AxeFX II guy and now uses a 5150III as an A rig. He was singing the VIP3 praises the other day... saying he could definitely gig with it and feel good about it. Which is saying a bit for this guy... he flips a lot of gear and is not shy about calling out a stinker. If the Pro is better than the existing line then it might be worth a look at if they have the durability issues of the 1st gen sorted out.


I'll be getting this because of the AT-200 integration. I picked one of those up & like it quite a bit.


I like Peavey and looked SO forward to the a VIP1 and it was my most disappointing purchase of '13 (if not ever). No bottom, shrill as all hell (even w/ treble knob on 1) and lousy featureless Edit software. Hope they up their game w/ the Pro.


Sign me up, I had a VIP 2 and it was amazing... this looks very tasty and I bet it will be a great machine..


The key to the Vypyr amps is having the Sanpera Pedal to unlock all the goodies. I started out with the Vypyr 30 and recently traded for the Vypyr 2. Good Stuff! and lots of fun. I will for sure check out the Vypyr Pro.


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The key to the Vypyr amps is having the Sanpera Pedal to unlock all the goodies. I started out with the Vypyr 30 and recently traded for the Vypyr 2. Good Stuff! and lots of fun. I will for sure check out the Vypyr Pro.

That bothers me on a certain level. It's like buying a car that needs a special key to open the hatch that you have to pay extra for.

Just to be clear, I have no problem with Peavey marketing their products any way they want. And I have a lot of respect for many of their guitars and amps.

Line 6 started that years ago with their cat-5 footswtch pedals that added sizable cost to the consumer. I'm thinking that the pedal has the biggest profit margin of all the hardware.

However, if the amp sounds excellent, the extra cost might be worth it. Time will tell.


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So my question is, how does this amp really sound in person, in a room. If I don't like the internal speaker, does it have line outs for my powered monitors ?

As with most products, opinions will vary, but is there a difference in speaker and or design that gives this outstanding tone potential....

I am looking for a new practice amp, I like the FRFR concept with line 6 , but not sure I am sold on the modeling engine from the iPad x3 version... I have no experience with either ( I have the mobile pod in the iPad, which I actually think can sound good at times ) ...

I guess it's to early to tell, but has anyone been able to play these at namm ? Do they alow you to try them out there ?


First post says "studio quality headphone out" and "built-in microphone simulated direct out", so yes, I would imagine you could feed your powered monitors with that.


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If you guys couldn't tell I'm a product of the late 60's early 70's.
The only problem with Peavey amps over the years is "they just won't fricken die".
You buy one and you're stuck with it forever!!!!!
What a great product, Hartley should be proud.


They surprised me, looking forward to trying one out. i think the VIP2 is a cool amp, they really loaded this one up with features.

This amp and the new Revalver, Peavey's moving along well in modeling land.

Now, somebody needs to put out some DEMO'S!! please, ya'll ;)

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