NAMM 2022: What's caught your attention?


I like what I see and hear here as well, from Imperial Electrical - Zeppelin pedal for you know what tones... And seems like Ben Fulton has thought a lot about the Appetite sound as well, sounds good to me!

With all the EP-3 preamp and MIAB pedals out there, it’s funny that no one has put them together before.
Since EVH and Andy Summers also used that combo at some point, I wonder if varying the settings would get beyond the Page utility?


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Not a lot of detail yet but this piques my interest:

This looks cool:

And this sounds interesting although probably a gimmick:
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This seems pretty abysmal this year. Was hoping for some exciting Epiphone semi-acoustic news. What a load of crap...
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These actually sound incredible to me. Geez. Had no idea about these pedals. Nice surprise!

I will be giving this one a try; at first I thought it was OK, but then when he actually started playing the Zep clips, especially given that clean tone, even if it's somehow still a tubescreamer with a boost for what I was able to snag one for off a retailer I almost don't care.


Some info coming out of NAMM already about guitars and gear. I'm wondering what's caught your attention this year or what you're going to be keeping your eye on.

The first thing that's caught my attention is how this one seems more low key. And that may just be a false impression because some 'big boys' aren't showing up this year.

The second thing, even though I'm not in the market for a guitar any time soon, is the Ernie Ball Music Man/Tosin Abasi's Kaizen guitar. That looks pretty slick.

But nothing atm has caught my attention that I've heard about with regard to pedals. I'm sure there is more to come; but nothing so far that has me excited.

So what's caught your attention/what you keeping your eye on/what is exciting you?

I'm really hoping for some sweet pedals I didn't previously know about.
I think the hype is very synth-heavy right now. I get the sense it’s shaping up to be a decent NAMM on that front.


I am very intrigued by the Revolt. I mean Victory and Revv are doing similar things already, but I like how everything you would need is right in the pedal.


I’m very interested in the ReVolt, I have the Cab M+ and love it. Should make a great amp-free rig without having to go all the way to a menu diving hassle.

No tubes for new tube amps, some guitar makers seem to be very backlogged on existing models much less release new ones, and most of the stuff that goes on at NAMM can probably be done remotely now. Doesn’t really sound like the industry folks like it very much anyways, they’re probably breathing a sigh of relief.

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