FS Nash PB63 Precision Bass from Mark Hoppus’ personal collection

Discussion in 'Bass Gear Emporium' started by Max Herold, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Max Herold

    Max Herold Supporting Member

    Jul 12, 2019
    I recently bought a sweet Nash P-Bass off of Mark Hoppus’ official reverb shop. He started a shop to make donations to charity, and gave up some of the axes from his collection in the process. This is a Nash P-bass style guitar. I messaged Bill Nash (of Nash guitars), and he said it was ordered in 2009. It is an Alder body in daphne blue, and has a DiMarzio pickup. He also told me it had light age when he sold it, so Mark must have put most of the wear on it himself. Bill also told me Mark has ordered other guitars from them too, and I remember there was a matching Nash daphne blue strat-type guitar listed on the Reverb shop too. It comes with a beautiful fender case, and a certificate of authenticity autographed by Mark himself. Offers are welcome, my starting price ($10,000) is what I’d ideally like to get out of it. No offer is too low, I’d like to find a home for this bass. I have an album of pics of the bass on my page. Any questions are welcome, too!
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