FS Nash S63 Daphne Blue Closet Classic Relic Stratocaster

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    Nov 5, 2008
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    Got this in a trade, owner said he never played it, looks new to me. Other than the relic work, which thank goodness, isn't very pronounced on this guitar. I'm not usually a fan of Nash's relic work, but this one looks fine. Actually it's quite a nice looking guitar overall. Daphne blue.

    Nice thick. 58 style neck. If you're after a vintage style strat with a fat neck, this is the one for you.

    We're in Aromas, 40 min south of San Jose, so if you're in the Bay area, c'mon pick it up. Or if you're in Los Angeles, I will be there this upcoming weekend.

    I'm asking $1650 cash in person, considering it seems brand new, and Daphne Blue is pretty rare. But I'll listen to any reasonable offer.

    If you'd like it shipped, we can work that out.

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