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Nasty lead tone fuzz like M. Ward on the Monsters of Folk album...


Looking for that lead tone on "Say Please"

My thoughts:

- Trombetta Mini bone might get it, but I haven't tried one
- Perhaps an Analogman BC-108?
- Perhaps a Fuzz Factory at a more tame setting?
- Maybe just a Rat pedal at the right setting could get there?

I think the tone is a nasty silicon fuzz without too much gain.



Gold Supporting Member

I liked the track - very John Lennon in New York! I could see how the Trombetta Mini-Bone would come to mind, it kinda has a subtle 'Octave' element to it with some squish/ compression going on too. Check out the Durham Crazy Horse fuzz, as for some reason it reminded me of one as well. But an octave type fuzz with a way to blend it in stages is where I might start. Good luck!

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