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National El Trovador - great guitar.


Silver Supporting Member
Just felt like saying this. Its a versatile guitar. Its loud, it can do the National slide stuff but also sounds pretty good played like a "regular" guitar. Its lighter than most metal bodied Nationals, but about the same volume available, and more "woody" and less "clangy". I'm a fan.

OM Flyer

I agree on all counts -- I have a mahogany M2, but an El Trovador is its own thing. It's definitely more woody, and the bass seems more accentuated. I think the deeper body has a lot to do with it, as well as the narrower waist. National NRP is making some stellar instruments these days.

Frozen Rat

Platinum Supporting Member
I agree, and it's one of the favored instruments of Reverend Peyton's Big Damned Band, which means it has soul.

Tony Done

Nice. :) They have a very good reputation.

I've had an Estalita for a long time. What is the neck like on yours? Mine is an old-fashioned deep V that would be hard work for fretted playing with my small hands.

Something that might be of interest to lurkers is that some wood body Nationals, eg mine, come with a pressed metal soundwell will others have the traditional wood soundwell. I thin that El Trovador is wood, not sure, but I've wondered if they sound a bit "woodier" than the more modern metal ones.


Back in the day, National did not build their own wood bodies. Consequently, the first El Trovador bodies were built by Kay Kraft. After National found out Kay was also supplying bodies to the Schireson Bros for their resonators, they yanked the contract and went with Harmony for the bodies. This trend continued after WWII when Gibson supplied bodies (and originally necks) for non-resonator Nationals. In the late-1940s National started slapping their Stylist Necks on the Gibson bodies and by the 1960s had switched to Kay to supply the bodies.


Gold Supporting Member
Totally agree. The resonator I want to have! I just watched a deal fall through that could’ve snagged me one. Rats.

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