National Slimline VS Lace electric pickup for resonators


A Quick review, that someone might find helpful someday.

I just picked up a National Collegian resonator, and it had a National Slimline on it. I had been using a no name (Fat Dawg) spider cone for a while and a Regal Duolian with Lace resonator pickups.

And this is what I have found:

The Lace Dobro Sensor is voiced a lot like a Strat pickup, lots of low end, not a big mid hump. works well if you want an electrified sound out of your resonator. Not so well if you want a sound that is more true to the resonator tone when running clean. On a gig, swapping a strat for the Resonator with a lace only required small tweaks to the treble to get a workable tone (with dirt).

The National Slimline Resonator Pickup is more true to the resonator sound. On the gig I could almost use this for the "Acoustic" sound, but I prefer the Fishman Contact pickup. That said, it's a close call, the National literature says it is "Microphonic to pickup the sound of the cone". It does that well.

Used with an amp and some dirt, yes, it is microphonic. In a good way, there are feedback opportunities but no more than the Lace.

The issue I'm having with it is that it is voiced with so much midrange that it's not "Hot swappable" with my other guitars on the gig. I have to tweak nearly every knob on my amp and my dirt boxes to get the sound I want.

I'm either going to replace it with a Lace, or get the source audio EQ... not sure witch at this point. But thats just me, they are both great pickups they just have different voices.

Blues Willis

Hi man!

It was helpful indeed. Thanks a lot! Anyway it turned out I got my hands on both so I had the chance to compare them. I totally agree with you. I also made a video if someone is interested in the future to check these out:

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