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Sold Naylor / Alltone 10" speakers for sale!


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Alright, I've sold all my amps that used 10" speakers and I pulled these out. All are 8 ohms.

Alltone 1025 - the perfect low watt Princeton or Vibrolux Reverb speaker SOLD

Alltone 1035 - a little higher power/headroom version of the 1025. SOLD

Naylor 1040 - higher powered version. Great speaker. This one has a 1" repair on the cone. It was like that when I bought it, but it sounded perfect so I have used it for a few years like that. SOLD

I had the 1035 and 1040 in the '65 VR and the 1025 in a Princeton Reverb. Great sounding Fender meets British speakers.

I'll get pictures up ASAP.
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