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So after playing guitar for more than 18 years I decided to switch it up a bit and buy my first bass. The two I was originally interested in where the Ibanez SR300E and the Yamaha TRBX304. I really wanted to try them out first before the buy, unfortunately all of my local stores(2 GC's and 4 local music stores) didn't have them in stock. One of the local stores did have a Fender Deluxe Precision bass so I gave it a try. I was surprised of how much I enjoyed that bass but it had 2 major issues, I didn't like the color (Surf Pearl Green) and didn't like the fretboard color(light Pau Ferro).

Once at home I looked for the bass in the fender website and noticed that they also old it in 3 color burst with maple fretboard (which I like more than the one I tried).
Sweetwater had a couple in stock and two day later this one arrived. I have to admit that playing this bass for the last couple of days has ignited the spark to learn how to play music in a new way which I'm really enjoying. I also ordered a Fender Rumble 100 but it hasn't arrived yet so for now I will keep using my guitar amp at low volume.

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