NCD: Fender HRD 112 ext cab


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I’ve always been a fan of oversized 1x12 cabs, and the Fender HRD amp.

A good oversized 112 can sound massive, and the HRD is a great workhorse.

I’ve ran numerous pedal rigs, and even a Synergy rig with the HRD. I think the stock speaker is great, and works well for heavy styles, as well as great cleans.

I said that if I saw a HRD 112 extension cab, I’d go for it. Well I found one local for $190, which I couldn’t pass up.

It doesn’t disappoint, my JCA20 sounds huge through it, but best of all, my Katana head sounds fantastic with it. So know I know I like this cab with amps, pedals and digital rigs. That’s pretty sweet for a cheap cab.


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Is it plywood or pine?.......just curious. Looking for one myself maybe