NCD: Marshall 1960 Vintage Cab


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Well this happened today. There was a used Marshall Vintage cab on CL and I snagged it to go with my 1960A cab. I'm running them both with a rehoused 5150. I run my 5150 on the clean channel at all times. I love the clean channel on this amp. I can get to just start breaking up and then hit it with my Green Rhino and it just tears heads off. The guitar is a BT tele with String Saver classic saddles and Gibson Classic 57 p/us. I played around with it for about an hour today and really liked the presence the new cab brings to the table.



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I'll bet the V30s in the Vintage cab sound great mixed with the T75s in the 1960A. Very complementary speakers.

That rig must sound f*ckin huge!

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