Neck pickup hum!

Just bought a partscaster tele, all was good when I took it for a test drive. Got it home and started playing it again. Come to find out that when I put the 3-way to the neck, I get a hum out of it WHEN I TOUCH THE NECK PUP. No hum in the bridge, a little hum in the middle Only when I touch the neck pup. Any thoughts and help? I don't know anything about the pickups other than they sound great. Thanks!!

Mark Robinson

Gold Supporting Member
There is a jumper from one of the pickup wires, to the cover. It should be to the wire that goes to ground, as opposed to the wire that goes to the switch. I suspect is it possible that you have pickups from different manufacturers in the instrument, and to make them in phase, or to cancel less, the wires were reversed, but the cover jumper was overlooked.

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