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Discussion in 'Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion' started by szabadaba, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. szabadaba

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    My guitar electric that i have had since i started has a few problem. Its a nice guitar that i would love to keep, but the neck seems to be in bad condition. Ive taken it in for adjustments a few times and had fret work done on it but there is still a lot of buzzing on a few really bad frets. Overal it plays fine but ive got a lot of money coming to me soon and i want to fix this. I dont kow a lot about guitar so i was wondering if its possible to replace just the neck, or if it would be a better option to get a new guitar. I would rather not get a brand new guitar becasue i really like this one, but i need to know what the best option is. It seems like replacing a neck would have a lot of work involded and not be guaranteed to work very well but i dont really know anythign about it.

  2. pedalpat

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    what kind of guitar is it? brand? style?
    what kind of neck? rosewood or maple fretboard?

    a refret is a good way to go if you love that guitar. if not, use the money for something that you really like.
  3. szabadaba

    szabadaba Guest

    Its jackson performer with a rosewood neck. Ill have enough money to get a brand new guitar or get a new amp and fix this one. This is a tough decision. How much would refretting it cost and how much of a difference would it make?
  4. pedalpat

    pedalpat Guest

    refret would be like a new guitar. the neck will be fretted the way its supposed to be, with the fingerboard being planed/leveled, new frets installed and leveled.

    look to spend anywhere from min of $150 to $300. call around for local techs in your area. check prices and ask how long they've been doing fretwork. ask to see any examples of there work.

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    Sep 23, 2005

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