Need a chorus and reverb: Hardwire RV7 + CR7 or ????


I am in need of both a chorus and reverb pedal for my new amp. Can anyone recommend a "better" alternative to get these two effects for the same price ballpark (list is $290 for both, can get them a bit cheaper)? I had originally toyed with getting a TimeFactor and using it as I don't go crazy with either effect, but that is more money and I already have a Hardwire DL8 (not that I couldn't use it on another amp). My only critieria is a true bypass pedal (or pedals) and it has to be foot selectable (i.e. not a knob like the T Rex Room-mate). Any suggestions?


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don't know that there's better bang for the buck but I wasn't impressed with the RV7. I got it to add to my video demo arsenal but it didn't inspire me so I returned it.
I've been using the Hardwire Chorus for several months now. In mu opinion, it's well worth the money. I have half a dozen chorus pedals, and the CR-7 is by far my favorite. If I had to, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

It's a very well built pedal. It's quiet, and there's no gain boost when it's engaged. It has a nice variety of choruses available, and the controls really have a meaningful effect on the sound. Before I got the CR-7, I was using a vintage Ibanez CS-9. It's a nice pedal, but very limited compared to the Hardwire. Also, it has a bit of a volume boost when engaged, which drove me nuts.

I recently tried the DeltaLab Chorus at GC. It was cool for $59, but not cool enough to make me buy it. Sounds a lot like my old CE-2. Cool, but the CR-7 is cooler. It's also not as quiet as the HW.

I've heard good things about the Dano CC Chorus, but I haven't played one. It's supposed to have a litttle gain boost, but not as bad as the CS-9. Try one if you can. It's about the same price as the DeltaLab.

The Dano and DL are both decent, inexpensive pedals, but I think the smart money is on the HW.


The RV-7 Is a great buy. Very nice reverb pedal for the money.

Now I know you want true bypass, and the CR-7 sounds good and has lots of features, however I would encourage you to try it side-by-side the Visual Sound Liquid Chorus or H2O and see which one you like best.

The CR-7 was not available at the time I got my H2O, but I don't think it would have made a difference. The H2O is a very nice chorus...


RV7 is a great all around reverb. I love mine. I want to try an RRR sometime too. Had a Verbzilla, only cared for the octo setting.

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