Need a new guitar. Preferably a classy, black shredder of some kind that can handle C# Standard.

What New or Used Guitar Should I Get?

  • PRS S2

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  • Fender American HSS Strat.

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Sold a guitar. So now I get to buy one. Yay.

Need a shredder I can tune to C# Standard, preferably black, but classy. No pointy guitars (I’m old).

Currently eyeing a Charvel Pro Mod DK24, a PRS S2, a Reverend Charger HB, or maybe just another Fender Am. HSS Strat.

I played a Charvel and God it is so fast! Wow. It's that compound radius neck I think. Kind of flashy though. I have a PRS, so a second one would give me a pair to work with. Same with the Reverend and the Strat. Love the look of the satin PRS CE-24’s but they are kind of out of my price range unless I find a good used one. Range is about $800 to $1200 tops.

Been drooling over some things on but just not ready to pull the trigger yet. Keep in mind, whatever I get I’m going to have to string up with .11’s and set it up for the low tuning.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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