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Need a replacement Bass speaker. Options?


Well I got a great deal on a Hartke 2x10 and 1x15 however I hear the 15 developing and progressing after 4 or so loud practices a speaker flub or rattle.
Seem's Hartke doesnt sell Speakers alone as well as Im not entitled too Warranty replacements as its all second hand goods.
I need a good yet cheaper 150 watt minimum 8 ohm replacement.
Btw a local music store said too buy a PA speaker but Im not sure I want anything but a Bass specific cone.
$120 tops.


Bump your budget $10 and you can get an Eminence Legend 8-ohm 15" bass speaker with 300 watt power rating for $130. IMHO this is the best 15" speaker in your price range. Order through Amazon and select the Super Saver free shipping when you check out and it's literally $130 delivered to your door.


Anything cheaper is probably no better than the speaker you're replacing...


Gold Supporting Member
Before you buy a new speaker, you might check and tighten the lugs (tighten all evenly) holding the speaker to the cab - if they are loose this might fix the problem. +1 on the Eminence drivers.


A bit more money is a Peavey 15" black widow. You could pick one up used. I've had one since 1998 and it's been a great sounding speaker.


Call or mail Larry Hartke: 201-680-8153 cell or lahartke@comcast.net

Hartkes customer service is second to none.
Yep talked too Larry. Very Cool guy btw.
He said that my Hartke Cab was designed for lighter weight speakers which sadly they do not stock anymore.
So I left with a nice looking but non functioning bass cab still.

"A bit more money is a Peavey 15" black widow. You could pick one up used. I've had one since 1998 and it's been a great sounding speaker."

I thought of this as well. Look for an older Peavey Bass cab,amp which the CL's are littered with and find a fine under $100 example with a 200 watt 15.

Oh well Im in no hurry as I have 2 more functioning bass cabs too use.

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