need advice on ampeg V4-B



A while back, I was lucky enough to score a vintage (1974-ish) ampeg v4-b and have some questions about it. I initially had it checked out and according to the technician, everything seemed fine (save some dust to blow out). But since the time I acquired it, I've had a problem with the volume. Whenever I turn it more than 1/3 to 1/4th the way up, I get major distortion. I was told by the tech that it was just because I was expecting too much out of an old amp, but based on some research (everybody's comments seem to point to it having great volume for just 100w), I'm not so sure he's right.

I played it for a while with a 412 cab and also tried it with a 410, and the problem exists with both cabs. My question is: am I really expecting too much out of it? Can a solution be as simple cab selection (if so, what speakers seem to work best)? Or is there something else I should look for? I'd like to be a little more educated on the subject to prevent being charged $80 for a tech to pretend to look at it because they think I don't know any better.

Thanks for your help!


I have one an early one of those,and I ran it through my 8x10 cab once when my svt was shot.That seems a little odd of a suggestion.Have you had it re-tubed and capacitors replaced and what not?


I believe there is a switch on the back of the head to select 2, 4 or 8 ohms. Make sure the switch matches your cab ratings. So if you are using a 8 ohm cab, make sure the switch on the back of the amp is set to 8 ohms.

Good luck!
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