Need an OD that can double as a clean boost

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…no, but I play one on TGP
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What the title says. I need to be able to turn the gain down and have it be just a clean boost if need be. Also a fair amount of EQ is a plus, and decent at stacking. This will probably be last in the chain.

Had an AC Boost but that didn't do it, was considering an RC to replace it. I really like some of the Catalinbread pedals, and I think the Silver Kiss will do this, but how about the WIIO? Also the DLS (although I don't think it can get that clean). Any others?


Not the RC. And the OCD cleans up great on the guitar volume, but not on the pedal itself.


the prescription electronics overdriver's gain knob doesn't do anything (clean boost) until past noon, but then it becomes a fuzz. good od tones to be found though


Rockbox Boiling Point fits that description:
3 selectable positions: Plexi, Symetrical Overdrive and Clean Boost

In case you need it, it also has a bass boost to fatten up single coils. I really like mine.


Here's a nice demo that shows the clean boost capability.

YIKES!!!! I completely forgot!!! FETTO Nord has a separate, pre-gain boost that can be engaged without engaging the overdrive. It, too, is a thing of beauty. Here's Bobby D to tell you more about it.
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The Crowther Audio Hot Cake distortion pedal can be used as a clean boost, with the drive wound all the way off.
It has a gain increase of some 12db I believe.......more than most pedals.....
I like the bluesberry incarnation for humbuckers and the regular for single coils.........
I use the Double of both worlds one of each.....


Seriously, this is exactly what Paul designed the Tim for in the first place. I'd say Tim rather than Timmy for that reason, by the way, unless you want to adjust the volume and gain knobs a lot mid-performance. The list is $129 for Timmy, $169 for Tim. Aftermarket is a lot higher.

The Tim and Timmy are definitely not the answer to all of life's overdrive or boost problems, but when you want a great clean boost with EQ and a great OD (... still with EQ) you have described the Tim to the letter.


HBE Paradrive? One side is a great boost, other side is a great overdrive. Have your cake and eat it too, simultaneously and/or separately? Please ignore the ad stuff, i just grabbed the pic for ya off an ebay auction just to show the control layout.



I have the rc-booster as the last dirt box in chain. It does clean boost and mild overdrive quite wonderfully. It has eq too. What it won't do is gainier stuff.


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I have two Hotcakes and two Timmys. Love them all. Believe it or not, the Hotcake can be set more transparent with my amps. I LOVE Timmys, and you'll never hear me say a bad thing about them. But the Hotcake is the first pedal I have ever owned that I can set such that I cannot tell if it is on or off. Rolling the presence all the way off on the Hotcake is a neutral position and your tone is totally unaffected. Then roll off the drive and add volume until desired clean boost is acheived.

Timmy's remain less colored than the Hotcake as you roll the drive up and they both take on their own personalities from there, with neither being really transparent. Hotcakes take on a totally different personality with just about every setting on the dial. That is a little disconserting to some, and leads some to think of the Hotcake as a very non transparent pedal - because it can be. But they start at totally transparent and go from there. There are LOTS of different sounds in a Hotcake and fortunately, totally transparent is one of them.

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