Need band recommendation for a wedding!! -- Baltimore/DC area

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Notice I didn't say I wanted a "wedding band". I want a serious butt-shaking band that can get people on the dance floor, and get folks to have an awesome time. I don't want boring people in tuxedos playing "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" and "Mustang Sally".

Thoughts? Who have people used in the Baltimore/DC area? I'd love to get some serious input here.


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I'm in the same spot as you … October 25 wedding. Second wedding for both (me 48, her 41, four kids from nine through 14). Guest list of 75-ish. I want a band that can cover 80s, 90s up to modern stuff. Heavy on the alt-rock, some current pop (this wedding is for our kids too) with some classics thrown in, not the standard My Girl, Mustang Sally, Celebration set list.

The Leg Warmers (mostly 80s) have a great reputation. I saw Gonzo's Nose about nine months ago and they were awesome. Both probably out of my price range though.

Keep 'em coming TGP. I'm checking out all the links posted here.


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