Need help blind buying an amp!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by otherface, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Jan 28, 2012
    I just sold my car and have decided to spend the money on a head. I have 3500, though I am not going to spend every dime on it. I am in the used market so that I can stretch my dime. This is my second post like this, last time it was about cabinets, which was great help. Hopefully you all can aid me again.

    The amps that I am looking at are as follows:

    Mesa Roadster -- I have played this one and love the clean, but in general always find myself dissapointed with with the lead tone. Its range of options (6l6/el34, million different switches) make it a possibility.

    Mesa mkV -- I got to play this one as well; it has approximately the same clean as the roadster (and lone star) and sounds fantastic. I didn't like the lead tone on this one either, it was far too buzzy, but I got the feeling that as someone who had less experience with the Mark series, that I really hadn't scraped the surface.

    The others I have read a lot about but haven't had a chance to play are

    CAA OD-100 Standard/SE/Classic, Bogner Ecstasy, Bogner Shiva, Fuchs TDS, Diezel Einstein, VHT D120, Ceriatone Yeti

    Obviously I am looking for a multichannel head. I would like a complex and warm clean. My favorite clean is the Mesa Lonestar, but I love Hiwatts as well. I want that to be paired with a thick, mid heavy overdrive like that of Mclaughlin or Robert Fripp. Many of these, particularly the CAA, Fuchs, Deizel or Ceriatone, I won't be able to play.

    So let me get your opinon of these!

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