Need help figuring out correct wiring!


Wiring is always my downfall on new builds. Here what I am looking for;
P90 neck (single cond. and braid) volume and tone
BKP Abraxas Bridge HB (4 cond.)volume and Push-Pull tone for split coil
3-way select switch

HB wire code:
Black =start of screw coil
White = finish of screw coil
Red = start of slug coil
Green = finish of slug coil

Having a hard time finding a wiring diagram, any help will greatly appreciated!

This is the build I am finishing.



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here's the coil-splitting diagram from bare knuckles.

ignore the volume pot part, your red and black wires would go to the regular places on a normal 4-pot LP.

the fun part is in configuring things so that the pickup is not only in polarity with that neck pickup but so that the coil that gets left on will hum-cancel with it;

if the bridge is out of polarity with the neck and the wrong coil stays on when split, just reverse the hot and ground wires of the 'bucker (red and black in this case).

if the polarity is right but the wrong coil stays on (or the opposite), it's a bit more of a pain; you could run the coil-split jumper so it switches to hot instead of to ground, but i prefer to keep it a ground connection and re-configure the 4 pickup wires. the trick is to put the red and black wires together and make them the new coil-splitting connection, then undo the green and white wires and use them for the pickup's hot and ground instead. you'll have to try the green and white one way to hot and ground, then the other, to get the right direction.

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