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Need help finding a hundred year old guitar


I've run into a unique problem and figured that if there were anyone on the net who could help, it would be you guys.
My manager at work (who is very cool, otherwise I wouldn't be posting) used to own her great-grandfather's handbuilt acoustic guitar. I believe it was a steel string, but it may have been nylon. No label or anything, the guy built it himself and it's about a hundred years old. Back in about '96, she took it to a music store in Aurora, Illinois on Lake St for a quick nut replacement. The store closed and the guitar disappeared.
The only other identifier I have on this guitar is that the headstock is in the shape of an owl. She said it is kind of crudely carved, but if you look at it, it is a hand-carved owl.

Anybody seen something like this/have any ideas of where to even begin looking?


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You could start by tracking down the owners at the time and ask them, if they're still alive. The municipal government should have records. You might have to get legal help to force the former owners to answer, or they might just tell you.

But probably they sold their remaining inventory to some kind of jobber who then sold it wherever it could be sold. If the jobber couldn't sell it, it could well have been thrown away.

You could ask around at music stores in the area, just to see if anyone remembered it.

If you have pictures you could take out ads in a music trade press newspaper, asking if anyone had seen it.

18 years is a long time, this trail's gonna be mighty cold. If you are able to find it at all you'll probably have to do a lot of research.

Good luck.

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