Need help finding an ideal maple neck shape for my part caster, need your suggestions


I currently have to starts, both rosewood, one with a modern c and another with a 60s oval C. I find the modern c to be nice but a tad too small and the 60s oval c to have too wide over shoulders and tires my thumb quickly when playing the bass notes. The V shape necks are too chunky for my liking, however, I've heard of the Clapton V which is slimmer in the shoulder region but has a slight V, still slightly chunky from what I've heard. Shall I go for a Clapton V with a 1.625 nut? What do you guys think? Any other recommendations that would fit my specifications? Thanks!

In short I'm looking for something in between the dimensions of a modern c and oval 60s c with a slight v where I can rest the palm of my hand when I play bass notes with my thumb. I'd appreciate any help!


Maybe something asymmetrical ? Last one I got was a Musikraft Asy 86 90 I think , pretty nice shape and different. Very comfortable to play.

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