Need Help Hamer EchoTone


I'm looking at a Hamer EchoTone made in Korea.

The Serial number is 1701023.

What year was it made?

Thanks in advance!!!!


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Yup, still have it and keep loving it more and more.
Over the years I put in:

SD Jazz (neck) and Custom 5 (bridge)-- I love the Jazz neck and go back and forth about the C5- sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't, but it is a pain to do pickups and wiring since you are working through the F hole (!) so I haven't swapped bridge pickups again.... and it sounds better since I put the bigsby on it.

upgraded the tuners and pots/switch/wiring

and last year added a Bigsby and bridge:

Sometimes i think I would rather a Gibson scale and mahogany neck and recently played a Gibson 339 that has haunted me since, but then I remember how little I paid and how well it plays and has held up, NOT paying $1000+ more for the Gibson!


There is no dating scheme for the Hamer import guitars. The serial number really won't offer any clues. The US numbering/dating scheme has nothing to do with the imports either.

Not sure if that helps or not, but the MIK Echotones are very decent guitars. As good, if not better, than the Epiphone stuff.


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Pretty sure you're in the '96-'99 range. I once did the research on them, and will see if I can put my fingers on that. Hamer only produced out of Korea for a short while and then went to China. I'm on my second Echotone (still waiting on the package to arrive). Great sounding and playing guitars.


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