Need help organizing fuzz pedals!

Okay, I'm trying to put together an organized pedal board. Im not sure if there is a "best" way to stack the fuzzs i have. Here's what I have....

Guitar into EHX Pitchfork>EQD Organizer > fuzz pedals (I have an EQD Bit Commander, EQD Terminal, EQD dirt transmitter and a Way Huge Swollen Pickle )>effects loop of my Orange OR 15 And in the effects loop I have my boss dd20> eqd hummingbird > boss rv6.

I know the general rules of chaining effects, but I'm not sure about stacking fuzz. Any advice would be welcome!!


I think it's pretty much a matter of experimentation with fuzz
I bought a Toadworks Roundabout so I could reverse the order of two loops which aids experimentation
Those with experience of those particular boxes might have more of a clue though


There is absolutely a best way to arrange those fuzz pedals. After you try them in various orders, stacking them into one another to see what sounds best, then you will know. You can start by trying them highest gain to lowest gain, but you can't rely on that method to decide. There will likely be a few nice stacking combos- after a few hours of testing, you'll be able to tell us what sounds best. I don't have any experience with those EQD pedals, except testing them briefly at NAMM. You got this ! Let us know how it comes out...

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