Need help putting together a pedal board


I am moving closer and closer to playing in one of the bands at my church and I need help deciding which pedals I am going to need. I will be playing my Strat through a Peavey Classic 50 410 and I will be primarily using the clean channel while ocassionaly using the dirty channel for solos etc.

I will be miking my amp and I have yet to experience working with our sound guy. It's been years since I've played live so I forgot what to expect. Our auditorium is pretty big and we don't get the best acoustics as it is an old warehouse. I used to own an and use an Alesis Quadraverb back in the day but I think I'm going to use pedals instead. So far I have the St 200 for my pedal tuner and am looking into getting a delay. What other pedals would you recommend, what board do I get and how do I put it all together? Any help would be appreciated.


Here are some typical suggestions for P&W type boards.

Overdrive - Tim/Timmy is a good choice, but a lot of guys use tube screamers or fulldrives
Distortion - the Rat is a popular choice
Delay - something with tap tempo (DD20 would be good)
Reverb - hard to go wrong with an RV5
Volume pedal for swells - EB VP Jr or Boss FV500


What a great place to be!

If you're going to do the P&W thing these days, I'd recommend getting acquainted with delay. You can go boutique, but you might want to start with a good all-around delay with some presets. Hard to go wrong with a Nova Delay or a DD-20. I've also been using the new TC Flashback delay - it doesn't give you presets but does provide some great sounds for relatively little cash.

Wow: I just hit "Preview Post" and see a bunch have beaten me to the punch. I'd agree with the two-stage dirt box being a great alternative. Playing a Strat might allow you to get by without a volume pedal (given the handy placement of the volume knob) - so far I've done without for a really long time. Others prefer the pedal; personal preference.

Since you are talking primarily clean channel playing, you might check out a compressor, as well. The CMATMODS compressors are an incredible value.

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