Need help replacing my speakers...


I have a 1971 Fender Twin Reverb and I wanted to replace the speakers that are currently in them...there are no markings on the back so I'm not sure what is currently in them right now. I got this amp from my pops and would like to restore it back to it's original glory (speakers anyways). What do you recommend putting in there? Thanks

P.s I'm a newb when it comes to amps so go easy on me...:hide


Either a pair of Jensen C12N's or a pair of Oxford 12T6s will do but a couple of JBL D-120F's are better.

Guitar Dave T

Jenson is who fender used back in the 70's yeah?

No. By then, Fender was using mostly CTS (first 3 digits of speaker basket code, 137) and Utah (328) with JBL as an upgrade option.

Are you trying to replace with period correct original speakers that would have come with that amp?

If so, study up on Fender speaker date codes and watch Ebay. You will eventually find something manufactured within 6 months prior to the date your amp was manufactured, which would make it "correct". But be prepared to pay a lot for speakers that may not necessarily sound as good as other options.

If not, some very good speakers I've had used with Twins over the years that will upgrade your overall sound are:
  • Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion Classic Lead 80 Combo - The Celestion V30 is kind of sparkly in a Twin, but is not as warm/dark as it is in other amps, the Lead 80 is kind of dark, thick and woody, but lacks high end sparkle. The two compliment each other exceptionally well. Also, the V30 is actually a 60 watt speaker, so it can hold up to the Twin's abuse, along with the CL80.
  • Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion G12H Heritage Combo - Be prepared to spend over $200 for the G12H, but, damn, what a great combination.
  • Two Jensen C12n Reissues - These actually sound very close to the original speakers used in some 60's blackface Twins once you get them broken in, and don't cost a lot. And for that classic Twin Reverb sound, they really deliver. Downside is if you play VERY LOUD with a loud band, they will blow. They are only rated at 30 watts each; The old ones blew in loud Twins; The new ones will too. Heck, I had trouble blowing them in a very 35 watt loud '67 Vibrolux Reverb (reoccuring outdoor gig with the volume pegged).

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