Need help with '65 Twin Reverb RI ext. cab please.


So I've always wanted one and I saw one at a great price today so I snapped it up. I found this in an online manual:

" EXTERNAL SPEAKER JACK- Plug-in connection for an external speaker. This jack is wired in parallel with the MAIN SPEAKER
JACK, and must only be used in conjunction with the MAIN SPEAKER JACK. Should the EXTERNAL SPEAKER JACK be used
without also using the MAIN SPEAKER JACK, there will be no sound. Note that the amplifier is optimized for a 4 ohm speaker
load, and that the speakers in the cabinet are wired for 4 ohms. Should a total load of more or less than 4 ohms be used,
the amplifier will not put out its maximum power output before distortion occurs."

So does that mean I need to plug a 4 ohm cab into it? And the 2 speakers in the combo stay on right? My heads each run into their own single cabs and I've never felt the desire to hook ext. cabs into my smaller practice amps so this is something I've never really ran into personally.

Have any of you ran it along with a 15"?I'm curious but don't own one to try.

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