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need help with a good starter turntable setup


Silver Supporting Member
here is what I need.

1. new items only
2. quality turntable
3. amp loud enough to play guitar with. Im thinking 100w per channel should hold up.
4. not super expensive. if I can get away with everything under $2k but the initial buy around $1300-1400 that would be great.
5. Bluetooth to steam iTunes library to it would be great.

im thinking of the rega planar 2 for the turntable. would a Marantz hd-amp1 work? im just wondering if there is a better option than USB. 30w output is a little low though.

no clue where to start looking for speakers.


Rega planer 2 - rega brio r @50w per channel and some high sensitivity speakers? Maybe something with a horn?
A decent 100w per channel amp will run you out of budget unless you don’t mind regular consumer products in that case a large plain Yamaha amp may do it

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