Need Help with Deciding Edwards Purchase


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I am looking at these three:

1. Edwards E-LP-98LTS Vintage Honeyburst
2. Edwards E-LP130LTS/RE Vintage Honey Burst
3. Edwards E-LP-92SD Vintage Honeyburst

Has anyone compared the above. I guess my biggest concern is the Finish . One being Poly, One being Poly with Nitro , and the other being all Nitro. Any benefit of having one over the other. I am also assuming that these guitars are all the same other wise besides the antiquities in the 130 series
Any Help Would be appreciated
Thanks in advance!


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The LTS130 has CTS pots and oil filled caps stock, plus relic'ed finish. 98 and 92 have cheaper electronics. I had a 92SD and a LTS130. They were both mediocre sounding guitars. Fit and finish was spectacular though. YMMV.


I really dig the Edwards guitars. I have a E-LP-98LTC (LP Custom Black Beauty) and I have owned the Page and Sykes model LP's. The Poly finished Sykes was my least favorite of the three I have owned. From the three you have listed to choose from I'd say the 130 would be the best choice. It's the top of the Line in the Edwards series. It comes with CTS pots, good paper in oil caps, and Duncan antiquities stock. The detail in the finish work on the Edwards is awesome. Also....there's a 130 on ebay with a buy it now of $999.00. A whole lot of guitar for the money IMHO.


Just got an e-mail back from Ishibashi on the 130 - comes out to 114k yen, shipped w/ soft case. I think that's ~$1095 total.


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Thanks for the input guys. I am leaning towards the 130 but am not a big relic fan. I do see that the 130 has a very light relic job compared to the Jimmy Page. I have been watching the ebay one and have been in contact from ishibashi and will most likely go that route as it is a bit cheaper or i can upgrade to a hardshell
Congrats JT on a great deal. Certainly a steal for the axe and upgrades. MY instant gratification gene almost got the better of me on that Edwards but im holding out for the income tax return-its going towards the Bacchus Duke. Please keep us posted about the edwards, im curious if the Tone Pros steps it up a notch.

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