Need help!!

alright, this is my last hope lol, i have been diggin into this but i need to hear oppinons. i swear i am not here to promote my band, at one point in this post i will give you link to hear it in order to help me make a decision if you would be so kind as to!

first off i am in this band (pop rock for those of you who dont click links, which is understandable)
we are VERY vocally oriented, and i play a taylor acoustic live, our guitarist is playing on a marshall head with an orange cab, and our manager, and numerous others have suggested that i switch to electric guitar in order to compensate. so far this is what i have learned.

my dad bought a peavey classic 50 212 in the 90's,and i dug it up and plugged it in, i actually love the sound of it being played through my g&l inserted through a eureka presonus preamp but i think it might need some work. Is it a good idea to dive into this amp and change the tubes and change the speakers, or should i just look into something new. If i should change anything on the amp what do you recomend, and if something new, what would you recomend!

i am stuck, i just went and played an ac 30 and didnt enjoy it one bit, so i have decided to trust the people of the internet for help.

hope you can help


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Change the power tubes (if they are old)and enjoy! Great workhorse of an amp. Bob

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