Need Highway One Tele info from those who have them, please...


Colonel of Truth
I've done a lot of searching for information on Fender's Highway One Tele, and everytime I type that phrase into the search box, I get this message:

"The search term you specified (One) is under the minimum word length (4) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.

If this term contains a wildcard, please make this term more specific."

Last I counted, "Fender Highway One Telecaster" is 4 words, the minimum. What else can I add to that that would get me more info from TGP archives?
Or, ya'll could answer me here. What do you think of them? How's the neck and radius on the maple board? Pickups? Any love here for this guitar?


Lowell Georgia


I have a 2006 Highway One tele (and a 2007 HW1 strat). I love the neck & frets although both of my guitars have rosewood fretboards. I prefer the HW1's to the American Series; in fact, I traded mine in so I could get the HW1's!


I prefer the HW1's to the American Series!

I played several of every American Tele model under $1500, My 05 Highway is the one that spoke to me, in both sound and feel, best part, it only cost $450 new.

I also just built a Strat from parts, (MIJ '62 body, Highway 1 neck, AV hardware, Cray pups) all I have to say is that my '04 American Strat is now for sale!

Play some before you write them off, you'll be suprised, and your wallet will be happy


A video/audio clip of mine in action can be found in the thread here in "Guitars in General" called "Highway 1 Tele With Kinmans Through a Music Man". Great neck (wider than regular vintage, so be sure that's ok with you), and larger frets, which make them feel like you can really dig in. Fine appearance, too, with the more dull finish that already can look like an older Tele soon after you get it! (although they can be shined up nicely for those who prefer that kind of appearance)

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