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Need in put who makes the best Baldwin Burns Buzzaround ?

Hugh house

Active Member
I just order a klinger buzz fuzz with oc76 that's not the normal transistor for a buzzaround but in clips it sounds great.

So who makes the best buzzaround clone ? And why ? What ones have you used and what did you like about it ? Was one better ? What transistors were used in it ?

Also who all makes a buzzaround clones or there take on that circuit ? I wish John at Basic Audio would take a shot at one. I sent him a email to see if he make me a one off.

The reason is I know I'm a fuzz addict but I think I found the new dug fuzz for me I want to own and try as many buzzarounds as I can. So help me out give me your input.
List as many makers of buzzarounds and if your a pedal builder pro or amuture I like buy one from you. If your a DIY pedal maker and you think you make the best let me know get me videos or clips and sell me one.

If pm is full send to marc_h_house@hotmail.com

This is not a buy and sell post I need input on buzzarounds from standard builders we Iove and know to rare off the wall buzzaround pedals.

Help me you fuzz gods on here.



I have a original Baldwin Burns Buzzaround . I would say JMI's version is pretty close its just a bit more bright not as warm as the original. The DAM FuzzAround is nice also.But it is a tad brighter also when you A/B them.


Silver Supporting Member


Only you can answer that.

I have an early pre-Ghost Effects buzz, which is KILLER, but not original spec transistors. Seems to be more gated and thinner than most I hear, but I actually like that as I'm a MKI fanatic. :bonk

Ian recently made a run of NKT 214 Buzzarounds. I think the only 213 went to Henry Kaiser.

I'm also lucky to have a KILLER Ryan Skinpimp that is fuller and less gated.

Super circuit that is my second favorite behind the MKI. Searching for unobtanium is not my gig, and I'm happy with what I have.


Silver Supporting Member
I've got a Ryan Kirkland built Skinpimp from 2009 that uses NKT213s (213s and an OC76). It sounds great to my ears. I'm not sure if all from 2009 had 213s??



I had a V8V Buzz U Round with 3 x NKT213. Sounded fantastic but had more gain than I could safely handle.


I've got a few different ones but prefer my Dice Works Buzzaround over all of them. I just borrowed a Dentone Buzzaround and really liked it. For the money it can't be beat. It was a bit more splatty and less liquid than my Dice Works but was feeding back the upper harmonics like crazy.


Oh look! This is a thing I can change!
NKT213 are not important for getting as good buzzaround. The circuit is not picky about transistors and will sound fantastic with almost anything you put in it.
Tried the Ghost Effects, as well as the ARC Effects B3. Both are awesome, but the B3 has the edge. Everything Aaron makes is great!


I have one that Jimmy Behan (www.jimmybehanfx.net) made for me with OC42 + OC72 trannies that sounds awesome. He also added a toggle which switches a couple of caps to Elka Dizzytone values, which gives more low end and a more aggressive tone. I love this pedal, Jimmy does great work for a very fair price.



I really dig the Klinger. The thing is brutal and cuts through easy. One of my fav stacks ever is the Buzzfuzz stacked with a Meathead Deluxe. Balls to the wall huge tones.


When too many really is TOO many...
Gold Supporting Member
Has anybody tried the Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss? The "uber" 6 position knob makes it sound as thick or thin as you want, which to me, is a really usable feature.

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