::: Need opinions! G-System + Rack + Pedalboard :::



My setup is kinda hybrid right now, have the G System racked, along with some pedals and a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. I connect the G System to my EVH 5150 III 50 Watts via 4CM.

But I do have a board. Actually it contains my Wah, Phaser and a Custom made buffered ABY system with independent volume controls, for plugging two guitars to the setup.

I don´t have more room for pedals in the rack, as the 4 loops of the G System are occupied with my Soulfood, OCD, Bogner Red and the JMP-1. As a dirt pedalholic, I´m always adding something, so I´d had to make some space in the rack for more pedals, like the Bogner La Grange I´m gonna get soon! Also gassing for a Ramble FX Marvel Drive...

So, considering the signal chain is basically like this:

G System Filters, Comp, Gate
G System 4 loops
Amp´s Preamp
G System FX (Mod, Verbs and Delays)
Amp´s Power Amp

And the fact that I use the OCD as a booster practically all the time,

Should I move the Soulfood and OCD to the board to make some room for other heavier pedals, so I have Low Gain on the board and High Gain in the rack?

Or should I put the Bogner Red + La Grange on the board, and leave the Low Gain pedals in the rack?

This is a sketch of the first option (Pedalboard designed by me :) )



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nice rig. Doesn't the G system have a fifth loop for your preamp? I would get a loop extender from DB11 or G-labs and add the loops back at the rack. You should be able to get 6-8 pedals in your rack drawer. I would also use the g-system to do the amp switching and just keep the g-system FS, Wah and A/B box on the pedal board. Keeps the pedal board footprint smaller. but that's just me

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