Need opinions on pickups in my Tele


So I’ve had my Tele for years now. It’s an ‘03 AVRI. It’s always remained stock but I generally found it didn’t get played as much as it deserved and part of that was feel.

Last year I took the plunge and had the neck sanded and gun oiled and fretboard re-radiused to 9.5 with 6105 frets by a pro. Plays like a dream now but it’s just not knocking my socks off.

The only other teles I’ve liked better are CS Nocasters and I simply do not want to spend the money let alone will I get this spec.

So I’m figuring last thing is the pickups. It’s a great guitar but it’s not as magical as some of my others. I want a little more punch and size to go with the big, piano-like chords things.

Since I also hate noise it felt like maybe some noiseless Dimarzio Areas would be worth a look. Otherwise I was maybe thinking the Nocaster pickups might get closer to the actual model of guitar.

Not sure what to do here. Looking for ideas. Help me love this guitar.


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Lots of great Tele tone players here..They can offer great suggestions.. I’m a humbucker guy.
I had the area hot (pretty hot) in the bridge and their neck pickup cause I can’t stand single coil hum... they were just ok...... Z Coil, Fralin, Lollar are probably a better choice....If you like Danny Gattons sound he used Joe Bardens.....


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Maybe this is just me talking about my favorite pickups, but I've had other Tele pickups - including a SD Broadcaster - and the best I've found are made by Righteous Sound. Specifically their Revelator set. LINK to a YT demo here.

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