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Need pickguard ideas for a heavy relic 80s strat


I have a boat anchor strat that I needed a new lightweight body made for. I'm having MJT do me a hardtail strat body in the style of this EVH guitar, white over black. Neck is maple. I've never been a relic guy, but i'm dipping my toe in the water. I'm a bit lost on the pickguard, since the EVH obviously doesn't have one. I'm going for an 80's pawnshop refinish sort of thing.

What kinds of pickguards would look good on a strat body finished in this manner? To me white or black or various off-whites might not look so good, unless I can match the body color nearly perfect. Have thought about tortoise, clear, or gold even. Just looking for some good ideas that sort of fit the look.

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Something with a picture or graphic rather than a solid color. Maybe a blowup from a comic book or comic strip. That or from a movie poster.

On second thought, an image from a Nagel poster would fit.


One option would be to get a mint guard off a road worn strat and age it a bit further yourself.

Another option would be to go with an aged tort. Tort looks really classy on both white and black bodies and you have both of those colors going on.

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