Need pickup suggestions for my next tele mod - standard bridge/P90 Neck...


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I've heard a lot of good things about the new Squire Classic Vibe teles lately. I almost pulled the trigger on the first one I played. They now have the butterscotch blonde - maple neck out and I think I need one. I'm going to pimp it out a bit with new pots and some new pickups. I want to try a P90 in the neck and a standard tele bridge pickup. I have heard some clips of Kirk Fletcher's Suhr guitar with this combo and it sounds great. I've never owned any P90's before so I don't know how to match them up to a bridge pickup. I want the fat neck p/up tone, real snap and pop of both p/ups on and a still a twangy bridge with some grit. I think I'd like to try the Fralin noiseless but which wind and what to pair it with. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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Check out Klein Tele pickups. He has a P90 pup for the Tele w/ a 6.4k output. Match the P90 pup w/ the Klein Esquire bridge pickup w/ a 7.6k output or the Fat Man w/ a 10k output.

As much as I love the combination I mentioned above, another god combination is the P90 Tele pickup in the neck position and the '52 Tele bridge pickup. This combination can really give you a big tonal range, Gilmour to Mayer can be had w/ this combo.

Excellent, made-to-order pickups.
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