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need rec's for new EL84 please


Silver Supporting Member
I posted this in the fx, etc. area, but thought it also might be useful to post here:

I've seen some of the older threads, but I'd like to get some current info from folks with real-world experience... I usually get my tubes from Mike at KCA, so maybe he'll chime in, but I posted here to get some other viewpoints as well.

Looking for the best overall current-production EL-84. I'm playing a cathode biased AC30 variant, run at full volume. No harsh treble/white noise when overdriven HARD, tight bottom end, good reliability...Possible?

If not, what are the best bang-for-buck NOS choices that'll get me the performance I'm looking for? I can't afford $400+ for 1 quad currently, and ideally I need at least two sets for the next few months of touring.

Thanks in advance!


New production - JJs are very nice - and do exactly what you want. I've heard good things about TAD's but, I have no personal experience with them.

NOS - reasonable priced that sound fantastic, are reliable, and long like - NOS Tesla (not JJ), GE, JAN Philips. I've also heard RFTs are nice but, I haven't used them.


Senior Member
Worth checking with your builder to see if he had a particular brand in mind. FWIW, I'm partial to JJs, they're a good bang for the buck and seem to last a decent while. And I have an amp that eats them.


Platinum Supporting Member
I've tried some different NOS tubes in Maz Jr. and a Kingsley D32 and both times decided the JJ's were just as good. YMMV

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