need some advice on equipment for recording amp/guitar/pedal demos

I need it to be as easy & quick as possible while capturing better tone than an iphone or camera mic. I don't want to spend a lot of time in an editing software trying to sync up separately recorded audio to the video capture etc etc.

I've got a Sony NEX-3 camera.. and iphone 6.

Curious mostly about a high quality mic that will work with the iPhone so the audio will be auto-sync'd.

Prefer a mic that is not attached directly to the camera.. but has a cord so I can stand back and record various views while having the mic close to the source.

I'll mostly be doing amp demos & electric guitar demos. What is the best one for that application?


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Buy a audio interface for your iPhone and a good mic like a Sennheiser e906.
Don't buy some crap "iphone" mic or something. :)


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I am doing this, too. The best thing is a separate audio recording that you can sync to a video - but you need a decent video program to do it. Most small video cameras, even with mic inputs, have auto-leveling which kind if screws up the sound.

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