Need some pickups for my Springsteen clone..Klein??


Hello all,

New guy here (intro in the intro section)

I just completed a very long Springsteen Esquire build for Matt Ryan of Bruce in the USA. I know Bruce uses Joe Barden's in his new Tele's, but I am trying to go with the old sound of the Esquire that used to have Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounds installed (when Bruce wasn't using custom Petillo's). Want to try something new but I need at least 10K in the bridge.

Anyway, I've been coming across a lot of positive comments about Klein pickups and thought about giving them a whirl, but am a little hesitant because I heard a lot of good things about the GFS overwounds and got a pair, but the bridge came with misdrilled screw holes, screws that wouldn't fit and bridge baseplate holes that won't line up with my Gotoh modern bridge holes..

Just don't have the budget to keep buying and trying..

Input would be greatly appreciated and here are a couple of pics of my Springsteen clone in progress..

The real one:


Thanks for any input!
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Contact Bryan at BG pickups. He is a member at the HC forums and gives discounts to HC members. He will custom wind you whatever you need and is very reasonably priced.

Your Springsteen clone is great. Nice work.


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Doesn't Bruce have a more Vintage type bridge and saddles?

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