Need someone to mod a Noisebox

Mr. Pickles

Silver Supporting Member
I love my Subdecay Noisebox. As a bassist, I often feel the need to blend in the original signal to add some low end. Sure, I can use my LS-2, but that means extra cabling, more board space and takes up another power tap. Sweeping the frequency knob makes for some really cool sounds, but bending over while playing is a drag.

Do you guys know of anyone who could rehouse the Noisebox, add a clean blend and put the freq. knob on one of those expression roller thingys? Seems like it wouldn't be to difficult, but I don't have any technical knowlege or experience to do it myself.

Thanks in advance.:D


if you don't find anyone here, try posting at the ilovefuzz forum. a lot of great and technically proficient guys there

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