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Need to change/Upgrade a 5 string hardware


hey guys,

I managed to snag a really old Fender Jazz MiM 5 string bass for cheap

But all the hardware except the headstock tuners are pretty worn out.

Need to upgrade the pots, the bridge, the jack. Humidity has really changed em for the worse

Please can I have some guidance on which are the best parts ?

Also does anyone reccomend any pickups to upgrade to ?

Thanks in advance


Gold Supporting Member
I have one of those. It's a really cool purple beast. I changed out the stock pickups for a set of Bartolini humbuckers (not shown here). Definitely improved the sound. I am going to install a new Hipshot bridge as soon as I get motivated.


Platinum Supporting Member
Need to upgrade the pots, the bridge, the jack. Humidity has really changed em for the worse
are you sure it isn't just the screws in the bridge that need to be changed (due to rust or whatever)? much easier to do.

as for pots, i recommend 500k linear taper volumes and a 500k audio tone for this one. the 500k will give you a bit more clarity and "life", while the linear volumes and audio tone will have the right sweep for even control. CTS is the normal go-to pro brand.

the jack is easy enough, a switchcraft #11 is as good as it gets and costs like $2.