Need to repair Custom shop strat trem block


I have a CS 69 strat. The threads on the trem block are just about stripped. I have the trem screwed in as far as it can go and it's still very loose. Is there anyway to fix the threads with a helicoil?

I like the sound of the guitar as-is so I don't really want to experiment with one the of aftermarket improvements (unless multiple people resond and talk me into it).

Assuming I want a direct/exact replacement for what is in there now, what should I get? Is it the same as the "standard" vintage fender replacement (like the 57 or 62 models) or is the CS block different?

I hope it is like the 57/62, but then again I would like to think the extra $$$ I paid for the custom strat bought me something better :)



Unscrew the plate off.. replace with new block.. enjoy the better tone.. upgrade to "pop in" at the same time..

dont work for them and YMMV.. but I have them on all my strats.. and it beats messing around with helicoils, etc. the way they engineer their arm is significantly better, and you will never have that problem again.. (well.. give it to a 15 year old and they can figure out how to screw up anything.. experience talking there)

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Another vote for the Callaham trem block. I put one in already great sounding SRV strat and was impressed with the improvement in tone.

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